The Solomon Islands have long been a place of mystery
Stories are told of headhunters, world war battles and even giant people
today however, the locals are more than welcoming
and the landscape is one of pristine beauty


Sheltered from the Coral Sea by the surrounding Islands, fatboys resort could be considered the perfect hideaway.

Every morning our guests wake to the most picturesque views of Kolombangara, Kennedy Island and many other beautiful Coral Cays and reefs that dot our warm calm waters.


With a tropical climate and an average daily temperature of 29C, fatboys resort is the destination to be visiting anytime of the year.


Brisbane to Gizo is so easy!


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getting here!

The Solomon islands are a lot closer than you think!

Total privacy and a pristine environment is only a few hours away. Honiara receives direct flights from Brisbane Australia and other Pacific Countries like Fiji, Vanuata and New Guinea. Honiara to Gizo is a one hour domestic flight and the scenery is absolutely stunning


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