HIKING - Looking out from Fatboys Resort, the majestic Kolombangara Island awaits! At 5800ft in height the island itself supports a beautiful and diverse ecosystem with approximately 80 rivers and streams flowing down its flanks. If you are fit and adventurous this hikers dream island. Beachcombing is also fun and very relaxing!There are endless stretches of pristine beaches being washed by the tranquil waters of the western province each day.


The Solomon Islands are renowned for having the most diverse and exciting diving to be found anywhere in the world from World War II wrecks to numerous offshore reefs, spectacular coral formations, plummeting walls, manta rays and abundant marine life. All dives are boat dives Water temperature averages 28 degrees Celsius. Visibility is usually upwards of 20 metres. Troublesome currents are rare.

The waters surrounding Fatboys are tropically warm and exceptionally clear with an abundance of corals and colourful reef fish. You can choose to swim and snorkel around the safety of Fatboys or venture a little further each day. If you are more adventurous, charter a banana/long boat and explore the spectacular underwater world the Solomon Islands have on offer. You will be truly amazed. Kayaks, stand-up paddle boards (SUP) and snorkelling gears are freely available for in-house guests. Fatboys Snorkel Tour: Fatboys to Munda/Zipolo Resort/Skull Island- on the way down, you can snorkel WWII Hellcat Fighter Plane in 9 metres of crystal clear water, then onto Zipolo Habu Resort, on return visit Skull Island. Then snorkel one of the fringing reefs on some of the pristine Islands in the lagoon.


The Solomon Islands are a fisherman's paradise with excellent fishing all year round. The waters surrounding Fatboys provide world class game fishing and bottom fishing but some guests prefer to wait for catch of the day to arrive while enjoying an ice cold beer. Fatboys supplies banana/long boat and a driver so you can focus on catching that prize fish.













Kennedy Island is a small uninhabited island in the Solomon Islands that was named after John F Kennedy, following an incident involving Kennedy during his World War II naval career. Kennedy Island lies 5 minutes by boat from Fatboys resort. In August 1943, it was to this island that the crew of the PT 109, commanded by then Lieutenant Kennedy, swam after their boat was rammed and wrecked by the Japanese destroyer, Amagiri. Two American sailors died in the incident. Kennedy later had the crew swim to the larger Olasana Island.

Njari Island Excursion

Njari Island could be the most significant marine ecological site in the Solomon Island. In 2004, 279 species of fish were counted on a single tank dive.

Fatboys has been granted permission to run trips to this magnificent area. You can snorkel, swim off the beach or simply relax. Lunch & refreshment can be provided on request. Weather it be a BBQ lobster feast or a sandwich, we can cater for your needs.

Boat leaves the resort and travels in the northwest direction across the crystal-clear water of Gizo lagoon to one of Gizo’s famous beach Saeragi!

On arrival you’ll be greeted by local chief William, he’ll arrange for a guided cultural tour of the village and fresh coconuts can be provided upon request. Then the boat heads across to Njari Island for a swim, snorkel or simply relax in this beautiful area whilst the chef prepares you BBQ lunch.

NB: This trip includes Fuel & a boat driver. Recommended tour period = Half day(4hours)

 Maximum # of people for this trip = 5 (including boat driver)

 Customary fee to be paid upon arrival.


Surfers have known of this place for many years of its great atmosphere and great surf breaks. Gizo has a number of great surf locations all only accessible by boat from Fatboys, all western province surf breaks, break on coral reef. Such breaks include: Pailongge & Titiana - both can be easily reached with a short paddle from the village on Gizo island, Pailongge - a long right-hander that picks up a lot of swells and breaks in front of a village. It has 2 sections that join and become perfect on large swells, Titiana - 800 metres south and is a strong left-hander, Skull Island - a 2 hour boat ride from Gizo & Zipolo Habu Resort. It's possibly the longest right-hander in the Solomons. Needs a medium to large swell, best at 3-6 foot, the wave starts breaking about 200 metres south of Skull Island.



A great day trip to step back in time to the head hunting days, travelling through the picturesque Vonavona lagoon to Skull Island is truly breathtaking. A shrine devoted to the skulls of Chiefs and vanquished warriors.
To get there a quick stop at Lola resort is required to pay CUSTOM FEE as permission to the skull island. Also lunch is available at Lola Resort otherwise you can just order for pack lunch at Fatboys before going on this trip.

Along the way, you can snorkel WWII Hellcat Fighter Plane, in 8 meters of crystal clear water and/or you can also snorkel one of the fringing reefs on some of the pristine islands in the lagoon.

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